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Perform a quick renovation estimate with little to no experience. More details below.

The Ultimate House Flipping Calculator is intended to be used with the guidance given in The Ultimate Guide To A Successful House Flipping Business book available on It is customized to estimate the most common items used in a standard renovation, all you have to do is check boxes, add quantities and sq. ft. BAM! You know what it cost to renovate an average size home in less than 20 minutes. This includes HVAC, roof, flooring, painting, windows, complete kitchen and bathes, landscaping and more. This is the key to having quick numbers so you can make a competitive winning offer within the first day of a property hitting the market. The prices loaded in the calculator are estimated costs that include material and labor to remove and replace the selected items. The pricing data has been collected from national pricing resources and vendors to reflect average pricing for 2018. Prices may vary in different markets based on economic factors. Once you have tested the pricing in your area, you can make the necessary adjustments by selecting the quality of rehab and it will change all prices by 5% either up or down. For more information on The Ultimate Guide To A Successful House Flipping Business , Click Here to view on This product was created in Excel 2016, please make sure that your operating system is compatible before purchasing. Since this is a downloaded product, there will be no returns or refunds.

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